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Ep54-Shaleah 0

Ep54 – Shaleah Dawnyel

Business strategy just got a lot easier, as Wayne and Natalie talk with Shaleah Dawnyel. A social media and marketing guru who can help you take your goals and directives to a whole new...

Ep53-Alex-Burke 0

Ep53 – Alexander Burke from Magnolia Memoir

“Selfie” and “A to Z” kickoff part 1 of a 4 part series as Natalie and Wayne break down the new Fall TV schedule. Magnolia Memoir’s Alexander Burke (Piano, B3, Vibes, Keys, Lead Composer/...

Ep52-Happy-Anniversary 0

Ep52 – Happy Anniversary Hollywood Close-Up

It’s the Happy One Year/Season Two episode. Champagne, Dunkin’ Donuts, Natalie Lipka, Wayne Frazier and a whole lot of special moments from past episodes. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you...

Ep51-Max-Amini 0

Ep51 – Max Amini

Natalie and Wayne talk about the “The Gut” feeling when making choices for potential career changing roles. Comedian Max Amini gives the interview of a lifetime, as he talks about working with SNL alum...

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Ep40-Jeannie-Roshar-Gary-Anthony-Williams 1

Ep40 – Jeannie Roshar & Gary Anthony Williams

Wayne meets a Yeti, Natalie goes to Fargo, North Dakota? LA Comedy Comedy Shorts Film Festival creators: actress/writer Jeannie Roshar (Bun in the Oven 2: The Rebirth) and actor/writer Gary Anthony Williams (Whose Line...

Ep25-Robert-B-Martin-Jr 0

Ep25 – Robert B. Martin, Jr.

Oh, Lorde! Natalie and Wayne talk about the Grammys. They chat with Digital Dogs founder and casting director, Robert B. Martin Jr about auditioning, improv and proper preparation. Be sure to rate and comment...

Spencer Mickelson (Jerry), Christian Wolf (Joshua, the Bro), Verona Masongsong (Eve), Matthew Frow (David, the Bro), Adam Meir (Logan), Brian Robinson (Steadman) & Khris Feazell (Vernon, the Bro) 0

Taking What’s Mine – The Actors Company

By: Natalie Lipka My first play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival was Taking What’s Mine at The Actors Company. As I sat in the audience watching the show, I immediately fell in love with...

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Hollywood Close-Up talks about LIGHTS CAMERA CURE on this week’s episode. Tune in to hear about how you can help fight pediatric cancer at the Hollywood Dance Marathon this Sunday: HOLLYWOOD CLOSE-UP – EP32