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Ep67-Jay-Harrington 0

Ep67 – Jay Harrington

It’s the Happy Holidays episode! Natalie and Wayne recap the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe nominees. Jay Harrington (“Benched”, “Better Off Ted”) cheers up the studio for their year end spectacular. Featuring Music...

Ep66-Angelique-Bates 0

Ep66 – Angelique Bates

Natalie and Wayne recap their experience on The Movie Guys Showcast. It’s “All About the Bates” on this episode as actress and singer Angelique Bates joins them to chat about celebrity paintball for charity...

Ep65-Alissa-Juvan 0

Ep65 – Alissa Juvan

It’s the raining in LA episode! The “purrrfect” post Thanksgiving Hollywood Close-Up with special guest Alissa Juvan the producer, writer and star of the web series Kiddie Litter. Featuring Music – The Wiskeyhickon Boys...

Ep64-Phlip-Quinaz 0

Ep64 – Philip Quinaz

Gobble, Gobble…it’s the Thanksgiving episode! Natalie and Wayne welcome actor/writer/producer Philip Quinaz (Periods, Hollidaysburg) in studio as they talk turkey, pilgrims and pumpkin pie! Featuring Music – KayBe Website: http://periodsfilms.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhilipQuinaz

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(top row) Natalie Lipka, Hank Dougan (keyboards), Amanda McRaven (director), Carlos Felipe Flores (guitar), Kevin Katich, (drums)  Aaron Lyons (actor) & Wayne Frazier (bottom row) Ruth Fox (dancer) 0

The Devil and Billy Markam – The 3 Clubs

By: Natalie Lipka & Wayne Frazier We chose to see The Devil and Billy Markham because we were intrigued about the other side of Shel Silverstein and his adult poems. Let me tell you,...

Risa Bramon Garcia 0

Ep7 – Risa Bramon Garcia

This week, the Bald and the Beautiful recap the Emmys. They chat with Risa Bramon Garcia (Director 200 Cigarettes, Casting Director “Masters of Sex” and instructor at the Bramon Garcia Braun Studios) who enlightens...

Ep39-Ryan-Husk 0

Ep39 – Ryan T. Husk

What is a table read? What is the difference between IMDbPro and IMDb? Natalie and Wayne try to answer these and many more questions as they chat in-studio with actor, writer and producer Ryan...