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Ep60-Julian-Camillieri-Vahe-Gabuchian 0

Ep60 – Julian Camillieri & Vahe Gabuchian

Be prepared for the big Storm Boyer as we get a cool phone-in interview with our featured musical guest. Then it’s off to “The Audition Room” as Natalie and Wayne welcome special in-studio guests...

Ep59-Jared-Gertner 0

Ep59 – Jared Gertner

It’s the Happy Birthday Natalie Lipka episode. Wayne and Natalie recount their trip to the Queen Mary. Broadway actor, Jared Gertner talks about The Book of Mormon, the web series Submissions Only and his...

Ep58-Richard-Tanner 0

Ep58 – Richard Tanner

What is a “win”? How important is keeping that acting gig? These questions and more on this week’s episode. Also, Natalie and Wayne are joined by guest Richard Tanner as he talks about living...

Ep57-Heather-Moss-Anna-Borchert 0

Ep57 – Heather Lee Moss and Anna Borchert

Wayne and Natalie recap “The Simpsons”/ “Family Guy” crossover…”What the D’oh”! The SNL premiere, a hit or miss? Heather Lee Moss and Anna Borchert creators and stars of Daughters of POP into the studio...

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Bill Ratner, Natalie Lipka & Wayne Frazier 0

Bobbywood – The Complex

By: Natalie Lipka We had heard that Bill Ratner was an excellent story teller, but no one told us that he would be holding us in the palm of his hand during his fifty-five...

Ep33-Lanett-Tachel 0

Ep33 – Lanett Tachel

Today, Natalie and Wayne cover the danger of “selfies”, an interesting new yoga technique and deuteragonists. Actress and writer Lanett Tachel graces the studio in an exciting and very funny Hollywood Close-Up.

Horse-New-Years-2014-Wallpapers-HD 0

Ep21 – New Years Eve Special

No guest, no holds bar…Natalie and Wayne are going rogue. End of the 2013 entertainment and news world is what they talk. They have a blast, the best, the worst of 2013 and the...

Ep49-OldeMoneyBoyz 0

Ep49 – Olde Money Boyz

Natalie misses Wayne this week and talks with RenaMarie about self-taped auditions. Olde Money Boyz, Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman and Scott Yacyshyn join Natalie in the studio to chat about their live improv shows,...