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Ep71-Justin-Howard 0

Ep71 – Justin Howard

Halfway through awards season, Natalie and Wayne recap the SAG Awards. Co-creator, executive producer and host of “America’s It Girl,” Justin Howard (hot off his trip from Sundance) joins them for an in-depth take...

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Ep70 – Sam Ingraffia & Art LaFleur

Natalie’s back from the east coast and Wayne is proud of The New England Patriots. Veteran actors Art LaFleur and Sam Ingraffia talk serial killers, the subject of their YouTube web series Shoot To...

Ep69-Paul-Preston 0

Ep69 – Paul Preston

It’s the Golden Globes recap episode. Wayne, Natalie and special guest Paul Preston (The Movie Guys Podcast) talk winners, losers and everything in between about the beginning of award season. Featuring the music of...

Ep68-Selfish-Show-Part-2 0

Ep68 – The Selfish Episode Part: Deux

It’s “The Selfish Episode” Part: Deux, with your favorite podcast hosts Natalie Lipka and Wayne Frazier. It’s a new year, with new talk and a brand new segment as Wayne and Natalie continue an...

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Ep29-Sally-Kirkland 0

Ep29 – Sally Kirkland

Natalie and Wayne make their Oscar predictions and Hollywood Close-Up remembers Harold Ramis. 1987’s Best Actress Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe winner for Anna, Sally Kirkland shares stories from Ron Howard, Barbra Streisand and...

Ep37-Angeline-Rose-Troy 0

Ep37 – Angeline Rose Troy

Wayne and Natalie talk about movie budgets, Earth Day and the 117th running of The Boston Marathon. Our special guest, the talented Angeline Rose Troy breaks down producing, her latest acting projects and her...

Ep32-Tamara-Jacobs 0

Ep32 – Tamara Jacobs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, the “by gosh and by golly” episode. Earthquake, a social media hoax and the top 5 St. Paddy’s Day movies on tonight’s episode. Tamara Jacobs, one of America’s top image...

Ep65-Alissa-Juvan 0

Ep65 – Alissa Juvan

It’s the raining in LA episode! The “purrrfect” post Thanksgiving Hollywood Close-Up with special guest Alissa Juvan the producer, writer and star of the web series Kiddie Litter. Featuring Music – The Wiskeyhickon Boys...