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Ep112-Eric-Satterberg 0

Ep112 – Eric Satterberg

Hollywood Close-Up shares what they are thankful for. Keep It Real Acting’s Student Spotlight Eric Satterberg (“Castle”, “Ray Donovan”) joins Natalie and Wayne to talk about turkey day, commercial acting and headshots. Featuring Music...

Ep111-Louis-Destefano 0

Ep111 – Louis DeStefano

Hollywood Close-Up takes a moment of silence to express their solidarity with France. Actor Louis DeStefano joins them in studio to chat about his first red carpet, being in the moment and building a...

Ep110-Dane-Diamond 0

Ep110 – Dane Diamond

Natalie gets all Jersey and flies into LA for an audition and Wayne discloses his non-disclosure about his Fallout 4 voiceover work. Special guest, music producer and songwriter Dane Diamond shares what it’s like...

ep109-rebeccabloom 0

Ep109 – Rebecca Bloom

Natalie talks about smartphone battery myths and Wayne breaks out “The Boomstick.” Actress Rebecca Bloom from The Peanuts Movie chats about her role as Marcie and juggling school, sports and her acting career. Featuring...

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Photo by: Roderiques Photography 1

Don’t Get Lost – Invent Your Own Path

by: Natalie Lipka The entertainment industry is constantly changing.  It’s easy as an actor to get lost in this business. Unlike many other professions, there is no real rule book or road map that...

Photo: Roderiques Photography 0

Natalie’s L.A. Spotlight – The Coffee Shop Office

by: Natalie Lipka Once I moved to Los Angeles, I started drinking way more coffee. After kicking my Jersey-born caffeinated soda addiction pretty quickly, my caffeine fix started coming mainly from coffee and green...

Event - L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival - Wayne Frazier, Kelly Frazier, Natalie Lipka - Photo by: Roderiques Photography 0

Time To Share My Beauty Secrets

by: Natalie Lipka I don’t get to talk about beauty as much as I would like on Hollywood Close-Up. I mean you’ve heard how Wayne gets when we just mention hair on the show!...

Ep43-Debra-Wilson 0

Ep43 – Debra Wilson

Wayne finds his radio voice, RenaMarie gets a haircut and Natalie used to be bald? All this and more at the top of Episode 43. Inspirational “MADtv” alum Debra Wilson joins us for an...