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Ep83 – Eljae Brown

“There is a disturbance in the force…” did Natalie see Star Wars? Wayne and Natalie welcome Keep it Real Acting’s Student Spotlight of the Month Eljae Brown to chat stand-up comedy, producing your own...

Ep82-Munir-Haque-Fahim-Zaman 1

Ep82 – Munir Haque and Fahim Zaman

What happens in Vegas, stays in…never mind, Wayne’s got a story and Natalie touchs on the big “Coachella” weekend. They talk to guests Munir Haque and Fahim Zaman of the hard rock band, Slant...

Ep81-Gayl-Murphy 0

Ep81 – Gayl Murphy

Wayne recaps Furious 7 and Natalie talks about her new favorite show “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” The “celebritizer” Gayl Murphy joins them in studio to talk about her book Interview Tactics: How To Survive...

Ep80-Kirsti-Manna 0

Ep80 – Kirsti Manna

It’s a fine day for a Skype. Natalie and Wayne are joined by singer/songwriter Kirsti Manna (“Austin” -Blake Shelton, “Loud” -Big & Rich) from Nashville, TN via Skype to talk music, inspiration, and the...

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5 Scary Movies to Make You Spill Your Popcorn!

By: Wayne Frazier It all begins with Orville Redenbacher’s movie theater popcorn! Get some Goobers for your chocolate fix and you’re halfway there (nothing like comfort food when watching a scary movie). Television is...

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Ep70 – Sam Ingraffia & Art LaFleur

Natalie’s back from the east coast and Wayne is proud of The New England Patriots. Veteran actors Art LaFleur and Sam Ingraffia talk serial killers, the subject of their YouTube web series Shoot To...

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Ep18 – Katie Chonacas

Wayne gets new headshots and Natalie shares her latest audition experience. Actress and model (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “CSI: NY”, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans) Katie Chonacas drops by...