Wayne Frazier Natalie Lipka, Patrick Roderiques, ,Matt Cook, and Sallyann Bergh.  Photo by Katierose Donohue

Wayne Frazier, Natalie Lipka, Patrick Roderiques, Matt Cook, and Sallyann Bergh. Photo by Katierose Donohue

Wayne Frazier

On episode 84 Natalie Lipka and I talked about our recent opportunity to watch a live taping of a brand new comedy series. Not only were we able to see how a sitcom is put together, after the show we got to tour the set. This is why Natalie and I do our podcast Hollywood Close-Up because we are “Two actors talking our way to the top!” If belonging to a sitcom cast and crew like this is how it is, we made the right decision!

It is hard to explain, but there was a euphoric feeling on the set that something special was happening before my very eyes. We met some of the cast members, and they were amazingly humble. They were all very gracious as we congratulated them, and while it might seem cliché, it felt like being with family. It was an exhilarating experience that renewed my faith in the three camera sitcom.

“Clipped” follows the lives of a group of people who went to high school together but who always hung out in different crowds. Now they work together in Charlestown, Mass., at a barbershop called Buzzy’s. It somewhat reminded me of when I lived in Boston many years ago. The actors nailed the “bawston” accent, which could have easily been hacked. The “breaking balls” banter, and even the detail of the barber shop full of New England sports memorabilia hanging on its walls, brought me home. If a show can make me laugh, tug on my emotions and revolve around my deep passion for the city of Boston, watch out! It all makes for a “Wicked Pissa” of a show.

The actors were superbly cast and their comedic timing makes for a totally hilarious sitcom. You must understand, I love to laugh and I do not use the term “hilarious” lightly. Most comedies these days will make me chuckle. But for the most part they are nothing like the bust-out laughter I’ve found with the old classics (“Mash,” “Friends,” “Frasier” or “Cheers”).

The cast of “Clipped” includes sitcom veterans like George Wendt (“Cheers”), Reggie VelJohnson (“Family Matters”), and Ashley Tisdale (“The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”). In addition, the talents of the rest of the cast prove how casting is an essential key for a successful production. Ryan Pinkston (Bad Santa), Diona Reasonover (The Night Watchmen), Lauren Lapkus (Jurrasic World) and Mike Castle (The Ghosts) really click as a cast and it shows.

My good friend Matt Cook rounds out the cast and I couldn’t be more proud! Although I am clearly biased, Matt has proven time and time again comedy is his niche. As a Groundlings alum he can steal a scene without blinking an eye. For instance, check out his work in shows like “Mom,” “2 Broke Girls” and “True Blood,” to name a few. The guy is a natural, so get ready to enjoy this fantastic comic for a long time!

Renewing faith is important. In a world where we have been oversaturated by reality TV in the past decade, many of us believed the three camera sitcom was a lost product. I am glad to report, hope is on the way! The taping of the show lasted about four hours, but the time flew by. No one seemed to care what time it was because the studio audience was treated like VIPs the whole time. We as an audience sang songs between takes, as we delved into the pizza and candy provided by the studio to keep our energy up (unnecessary because we were already pumped to be there). Some audience members earned prizes like shirts and some got swag bags just for being there. Thank you TBS and Warner Bros. for making us a part of the “Clipped” family. Shows like “Clipped” prove to me that smartly written comedies are not a thing of the past.

I cannot wait to delve into this show starting June 16th on TBS. This is a don’t miss- trust me!!