Movie Preview Part Two: Summer

Wayne Frazier

Wayne Frazier

Wayne Frazier

Well my friends, it is time to talk about summer movies. That’s right, with the blockbuster season in full swing, it is time to break down the hits and misses so far and what is down the movie road. In Movie Preview Part One: Spring I mentioned the beginning of the true movie season. Now it is time to present Movie Preview Part Two: Summer. Let’s take our journey…

Avengers: Age of Ultron May 1st with a super hero bang and right on target to be one of the biggest movies of the year! With a budget of $250 million, it recouped almost all its production costs in its opening weekend by raking in $191 million. After only one month it is close to the billion dollar mark worldwide. Good times and a fun start for sure!

Though it is only the beginning of the “popcorn movie/blockbuster” time of the year, I have to say Mad Max: Fury Road is off the hook! What a blast! The action is non-stop, and the film is powerful. I was very happy to see a strong woman character, which was played flawlessly by Charlize Theron. She co-stars with Tom Hardy and is fantastic. Theron brings to the film a powerful presence and I hope this becomes more fluent in future films for leading ladies. If you don’t see this one on the big screen and in the incredible real3d you are missing an absolute thrill!

This past weekend, the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring in San Andreas took the box office and crushed so many things in its path. The movie about ‘the big one’ earthquake destroys everything California, Nevada and all in between, including my faith in a well-written disaster film. This is supposed to be considered a popcorn movie. {Note: Popcorn Movie- A motion picture without serious dramatic content, a weighty message, or intellectual depth, which serves simply as enjoyable entertainment.} Well, not even action star Johnson can save this all over the place disaster. I do like the actors in the film, and they did their best with the cliché-filled mess. If you love SFX then make it the early matinee. Otherwise, wait for a rainy day in a couple months when it goes to cable.

The next big film coming out (June 12) is the highly anticipated Jurrasic World . Before we jump to any conclusions, this one looks like it is heading back to the original fun of the Steven Spielberg directed Jurrasic Park. I have taken a new approach with trailers for blockbuster films. I stop watching them, and this movie seems like it has a new trailer every week. I want to be awed with anticipation for what’s to come, so please don’t show me the whole movie in previews! Anyway, I do look forward to visit the world of dinosaurs again.

But beyond the over the top SFX films there are some other films worthy of a summer mention. One of my favorite comedians is the always funny Melissa McCarthy. How funny is this lady? I guess we will find out as her new movie Spy hits theaters this weekend. Also, opening this week, Entourage finally!

Some other films that should help make this one of Hollywood’s most lucrative summers…Trainwreck , Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation , Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out and finally for the ladies Magic Mike XXL

Here are some films that could also become sleeper hits or major flops. Not sure how these movies will fair, like the super small super hero Ant-Man , Minions and the re-boot of Fantastic Four . It is quite difficult to know for sure, but these might surprise theater goers. Let us not forget, Terminator Genisys I mean come on, it’s AHH-Nold! Candidly, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this last one will be good.

It appears there are enough movies coming to a theater near you to make for a great date night, or a fun family reunion this summer. I want to thank movieinsider and moviefone for the amazing trailers and information. What are you wanting to see this summer? Let me know, and enjoy the movies!