Time To Share My Beauty Secrets

Event - L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival - Photo by: Roderiques Photography

Event – L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival – Photo by: Roderiques Photography

by: Natalie Lipka

I don’t get to talk about beauty as much as I would like on Hollywood Close-Up. I mean you’ve heard how Wayne gets when we just mention hair on the show! But it is actually a really important side of the business, especially for women. And it’s important to build your beauty team so that you are ready to navigate the sometimes very “last minute” nature of entertainment work and networking. Feeling good about yourself, beautiful on the inside, is vital for surviving in this biz. But what is also vital? Looking great! For me, this means having that go-to place to buy my make-up, get my hair done and find just the right wardrobe to wear for auditions, meetings and events. This blog is a shout out to my team of people that help me to feel beautiful on the outside.

Make-Up Go To
My mom is an Avon Lady, so she is the one that gave me my first make-up lesson and has supplied me for years with amazing Avon products. I enjoy doing my own makeup, but don’t always know which products to use. I’m also kind of a last minute person when it comes to getting ready for an event (Secret is out – I’m working on it). I don’t always have time to order something from her before my next headshot session or red carpet event, so this is where Sephora comes in. For the longest time, I stayed away from Sephora. I didn’t know where to look when I went in there. Thanks to a Sephora gift card I received last year for Christmas, I learned how to make Sephora work for me. When I was getting ready for the last L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, I realized I needed new eyeliner, mascara and some serious red carpet lipstick. I walked into Sephora and it was magic. I walked right up to one of their sales people and asked for those three things. She suggested which ones I should use and in different price ranges. I got everything I needed in under 20 minutes. So, when I was getting ready for my new headshots, I thought I would try this out again. I walked up to a sales rep, told her I was taking new headshots and needed eye makeup. She suggested some amazing eye shadow, which she explained how to apply (twice because I had her repeat it) and eyeliner and I was on my way in under 15 minutes. I’m definitely keeping Sephora in my back pocket for my next event or shoot.

Top LA tip about hair: When you find a good hair stylist, don’t let them go! Follow your stylist to whatever salon they move to. I met my current hair stylist, Jenette, through a mutual friend and I am FOREVER grateful. I don’t know if she knows this, but I would not let her go without putting up a fight. After working as a red-headed hair model for awhile, Jenette was the one who brought me back to feeling like myself, giving me back my identity as a brunette. This was about seven years ago and I’ve been a loyal client ever since. Not only is she the only one I let touch my hair on a regular basis, but it just so happens that she works at the incredible Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. You know, the creator of the Wen products? Best of both worlds. Chaz Dean’s salon is like an oasis. Seriously, you have to walk through a beautiful garden just to get into it. They only use Wen products, which if you aren’t already familiar, Wen is all about cleansing your hair without using harsh ingredients. I’ll admit, I don’t use them as much as I should, but when I do, my hair looks the best it ever has. The products I am currently using are: spring honey lilac cleansing conditioner, replenishing treatment mist and treatment oil.

I don’t really enjoy shopping. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Jersey and the stories are true, all we did was go to the mall. But these days, I only shop when I have to and only go to the stores that I know will provide me with what I need. Thankfully, I discovered 2bella. There is one in Pasadena, CA, which is the closest for me, but they have various locations on the West Coast as well as online (with free shipping!). This is my go-to place for wardrobe. Whether it is for a red carpet event or a meeting, I know that I can walk in there and find what I need. The store I go to is run by my dear friends Mary and Stacy. These ladies really know their clothes and before you can walk around the store once, you will have a dressing room full of clothes they handpicked for you and your style. They are incredibly honest and work with you to make you look and feel your best.

I am thankful for the teams I’ve created to make me feel outside beautiful, camera and red carpet ready.

What are some of your beauty secrets?