Three simple steps for a happy fuller life


Wayne Frazier

One of the most beautiful things in the world to me is seeing someone happy. It’s both therapeutic and contagious in so many ways if you allow it to soak into your own body and soul. A smile, a hysterical laugh or even a nod to wish someone a good day can make a difference in someone’s world.

I have lived in three very different parts of the country: the East Coast, the Mid-South and finally Los Angeles. People are happy for different reasons in these locations. When I lived in Boston, I noticed happiness spikes from our sports teams winning championships or from the snow from a long winter finally melting. In Tennessee, Southerners are enjoying a day on the lake or spending family time grilling on the hibachi. Los Angeles…well, it’s a little tougher to physically see happiness, but it is there.

It’s not all broken dreams out in California, trust me. I have come across some of the most wonderful and loving people in my life out here. However, sometimes we get caught up in our own heads and forget that it is not healthy to be scowling and serious all the time. That is why it is important to remember to “let down your hair” as often as possible to live a happy, fuller life. These are a couple steps I try to follow each and every day.

Smile. I think a smile is worth a thousand encouraging words. It’s tough in our ever-changing fast-paced world sometimes to remember to do something that should be as natural as taking a drink of water. I think people seem to be overanxious, flustered or take life way too serious. Now I understand you can’t have a smile on your face 24/7 and circumstances beyond our control like death, bills or a bad break-up can put a frown on your face. But not everyone has a bad day every day, do they? So, next time you walk into a store, or down the street, try this easy step. Smile and say hello. You might just brighten someone’s mood with this simple gesture. Plain and simple, a smile feels good and looks great on your body.

Laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine! Laughing allows people to put their guard down for a moment, and that is a healthy emotion. Personally, if I am not making at least one person a day crack a smile or laugh that is just unacceptable. Not to say you have to be a stand-up comic at every turn, but if you tell a joke or quip from a funny news story…shocker, it can lighten up an otherwise awkward situation. Isn’t that what life is all about, finding joy and happiness in yourself and one another? If you think otherwise, test yourself. Watch your favorite comic, sitcom or comedic movie. Share some of those funny moments with a co-worker or friend. A good laugh can be quite euphoric, and that is good in my book.

Eat right and Exercise. I would be remiss if I didn’t end my blog with the obvious. Putting the right amounts of nutritious foods into your daily routine is a no brainer. Food is energy; your body needs the essential vitamins to function properly. How are you going to smile or laugh if your body is sluggish or full of processed crud? The truth is, you probably won’t. When your brain can’t think properly, there goes your sense of humor. That causes your smile to turn upside down, thus your confidence and self-esteem dip…You get the picture!

When you are eating healthy you will find you get a better workout. The domino effect is in full swing, meaning exercise and eating proper feeds the body and soul. When the body and soul are happy, you are happy! That can only lead to one thing! A happy, fuller life.

What are some ways you make a happy, fuller life for yourself?